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Major Teachings

Doctrinal Statement

* This page is being developed over time. Major points are being added as a guide, but are not to be regarded as complete or final statements until indicated on this page. We have also included some disctinctives that are not critical to the Christian faith, but explain our position as distinct from other church groups or denominations.

The Word of God - The Holy Bible

The Holy Scriptures called the Holy Bible, comprised of the 66 books termed the Old (or First) Testament and the New Testament are inerrant in their original writing, representing the revealed will of God. Man is to live by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God. The Word is the representation in writing of the Living Word, Jesus Christ Himself. The Scriptures were inspired - God-breathed - through the authorship of chosen men as the very Word of God. They are therefore sacred and the sole guide in all matters of faith and salvation - sola scriptura. ALL of scripture, Old and New, is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction and instruction in righteousness. It is the responsibility and awesome privilege of believers, therefore, to rightly understand (interpret) and apply the Scriptures to their present lives. It is the Word of God, spoken, declared and used as a double-edged sword piercing to the heart, that is used by God to speak to and convert the unredeemed and to move in, teach and guide His elect. Not one element of applicability of Scripture will pass away until the very heavens and the earth are removed.

God The Father

Jesus Christ revealed that God is our Heavenly Father. His nature is undivided and united with Christ and the Holy Spirit. He IS love and so loves the world that He gave his only begotten son that all who believe through Him might be saved. He loves us so much that He cares for every moment of our lives and has a plan based on His love, to offer salvation and eternal life to every human being who has ever lived. He calls those whom He has chosen to come to Him through Jesus Christ His Son. He is immortal, omnipotent, omniscient and the Head of all things. He will make the earth His very throne room when He brings heaven to earth in a new re-creation of all things.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the full personage of the one God, made flesh, born of the virgin Mary through the work of the Holy Spirit. He dwelt amongst humanity, taught his disciples and died on the cross as a sacrifice to pay the penalty of sin for all humanity and make possible the regeneration of all mankind as children born again of God. He revealed the fullness of God the Father and His love and pointed to the work and indwelling of the Holy Spirit. His miracles were real, performed through the power of the omnipotent God. Jesus lived a sinless life in full obedience to the Father. He was tortured and crucified by mankind in an illegal and immoral sham trial and punishment. He was resurrected bodily after three days and three nights in the tomb and now sits as High Priest and ruler over the universe at the right hand of God the Father. He is our example in all things, as we are instructed to follow Him and be united with Him, receiving His Spirit in our own hearts and minds. He is the most consequential figure of all history. He will return in glory to judge the world in righteousness, mercy and to recompense those who would defy God. No one can know when His return will occur, except God the Father Himself. At His return, Jesus will set all things to right, as He transforms the world as its King of Kings.

The Holy Spirit

In a mystery that cannot be understood, the Holy Spirit is revealed to be both a personage and a part of the God family or "Godhead". This is called The Trinity or Triune God in traditional Christianity, though it is not named in Scripture. The exact composition or nature of the Godhead cannot be understood by any human being, as "we see through a glass darkly" and do not yet understand because "we are not like him" but shall understand when resurrected and can see the glory of God face to face. The Holy Spirit was active in the original Creation, inspired Scripture, descended in the form of a dove to alight on Jesus at His baptism, appeared as tongues of fire on the heads of the disciples at Pentecost, convicts the world of Sin and points always to The Word of God, to Jesus Christ and to God the Father. He works through intellect and spirit, and is neither inchoate nor chaotic nor animalistic. The Holy Spirit gives gifts to the Church, under the authority of the Father and the Headship of Jesus Christ, that will benefit the Church and its mission. The Holy Spirit acts as the power and spirit of regeneration that is the seed and endowment of eternal life that grows in a believer and will ultimately blossom into immortal, spiritual life at the Resurrection to Life.


Salvation is through the grace of God by faith in Jesus Christ alone - sola fide. He saves us from our sins and from the eternal, everlasting consequence of our natural state of sin and the fact that eternal life is not inherent in us, which is death. Salvation provides the means by which we are both granted eternal life, re-birth as the children of God the Father, union with God through Jesus Christ and kinship with Him as our elder brother, author of our salvation and Lord in this life and the one to come.


Jesus Christ is Lord of the Sabbath. As the God of the Old Testament he instituted it for Israel as part of the Ten Commandments, but it was established at Creation by God's own "resting" or abstaining from His work of Creation in order to sanctify that Day as he enjoyed Creation. It cannot, therefore, be unmade as Sabbath until the very heavens themselves cease to be. The Sabbath was kept by Jesus Christ and the early church, but Christ removed the burdens placed on it. The Sabbath rest points to and is a reminder of our greater rest in Christ. Neither keeping the Sabbath nor any other commandment qualifies anyone for salvation, as salvation is by God's grace alone - sola gratia - through faith in Jesus Christ's atoning sacrifice and his union with His children and provision of eternal life through the Holy Spirit. We keep the seventh-day Sabbath, therefore, in recognition that it does not make anyone "more righteous", but was clearly established at Creation, reinforced through the 10 Commandments, legitimised by Christ when He declared Himself "Lord of the Sabbath" and through the example of the early New Testament Church well into the 2nd Century A.D.

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