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The story of Jesus Christ. No other reality has so shaped the world.


This we proclaim to those who will hear.


Our mission is to teach and live out the full life proclaimed by Jesus Christ. We glorify our Father by faithful adherence to Christ's commands. We teach and live the eager anticipation of His Return and the establishment of His Kingdom in every corner of reality.


The Living Word was Jesus Christ Himself, whom Christians understand to be the true author of God's Revelation - The Holy Bible. The Word is our guide in every aspect of life as it reveals God's heart, mind and spirit along with His plan for the salvation for all mankind.


The church - ekklesia in Greek - are those called out by God to be Christ's disciples, His very family.

The Church is made up of people who realise they are flawed, give themselves to God, and follow the example of His Son, Jesus Christ.


  • Worship services with singing, prayer and a main message

  • Teaching and preaching messages that explain and discuss the meaning of the Bible and its application to our lives and the world around us

  • Reasoning through the whole Bible, taken with a "high" view as the inspired Word of God, our guide in all beliefs and practices

  • A warm acceptance of people of all ages, cultures, professions and ability level, including a disability-friendly venue and environment

  • Focus on the lived reality of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit

  • A growing family of God, loving and serving one another in joy

  • Emphasis on integrity and whole-hearted commitment to God and Jesus Christ


You will find that we have some differences to the various denominations in belief and practice, such as:

  • Saturday (Sabbath) meetings - just like Jesus kept

  • Worship Calendar based on the Biblical Festivals, kept by Christ & the early church

  • God had a plan from the beginning so all people can come to Him if they will turn to Him

  • There is death, "sleep" and then a resurrection of the dead

  • All the Bible is the inspired Word of God and should be a guide to faith and life

  • A belief in the power of God through prayer

  • Adult baptism for believers

  • An emphasis on all believers conducting the work of the church


Living by faith is an extreme challenge. Our church serves to propel our faith by helping us to understand and believe, making the unseen real.

We invite you to join us to find out the reality of God and how Jesus Christ's Word and Kingdom apply in your life.

Worship Services

2nd, 3rd and 4th Saturday each month
Services: 10 am

Live stream

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