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What We Teach

Our Teaching

God has called on all people everywhere to repent and come to faith in Jesus Christ, so that He can give them the gift of eternal life with Him. Without Him, there is no life. Every human being, and all of us in the Church, are deeply flawed to the core - we are all sinners. But through the love of God, He makes a way out of that sin for all mankind.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God is the central message of the New Testament and the intended message from Genesis in the Old Testament all the way through to the last verses of the Book of Revelation.

We aim to preach and teach, in the words of the apostle Paul, Jesus Christ crucified: that is, we teach that Jesus is the Way to Life and that His life, His teachings, His Word, His death and His Resurrected Life are the the foundation, the earth, in which all else grows and will grow to cover not only the earth but all of the universe.

And as Jesus is The Way to life, He instructed that all people should follow His commandments so that they could be holy as their Father in heaven is holy.

Therefore, we teach about Jesus Christ and God the Father and the Holy Spirit through all of Scripture, which is "God-breathed".

The Word of God is the inspired revelation of God to humankind and guides all of our belief in and understanding of Him. Scripture tells us everything we need for salvation and guides every practice of life. Its relevance to daily life is unsurpassed and the Christian is bound by duty, love and devotion to "live by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God".

Sermons/Messages Content

Our regular preaching and teaching each service most often proceeds as a systematic expository preaching of the Bible: that is, going through verse by verse and chapter by chapter one book of the Bible, following its logic and inspiration and intended meaning. We refer to the rest of the Bible - "Old" and "New" - and relevant history, writings, literature, current events and other sources to explain, teach and apply the scripture to our daily lives. In this way, the congregation and those listening via other means can also follow along and do their own reading, study and thinking about the upcoming messages in a complete context.

On special occasions, we may have topical messages applicable to that event or day.

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