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Our Worship Songs List Now On Spotify

If you have even a free Spotify account, you can now gain access to our Living Waters Church of God Worship Services Playlist anywhere, anytime. We have added a Spotify channel with a playlist of many of the songs that we use in our worship services. Here's the link:

You can also find a preview and player link on our 'Services' page, at the bottom of the page:

We are always modifying this list, so you can keep revisiting the list and, of course, just 'favourite' in your own spotify playlist.

We aim to ensure that the songs we sing are Biblically accurate and, as much as possible, have a teaching and learning benefit, containing snippets and references to Scripture. We try to avoid "me-centric" contemporary hymns that focus on the self and not God, or that try to turn worship music into a contemporary "romance" song.

Unfortunately, some of the classic hymns that we would also love to sing simply do not have adequate orchestrations or good, listenable versions readily available. But we'll keep trying to find them and add them in.

We've also added playlists of classical Christian music (including the great oratorios) and contemporary Christian music, as well as some old-time Gospel with Elvis, which is great stuff! We'll keep adding over time.

Music and singing is an integral part of God's incredible gifts to humanity. The examples of God's people singing runs throughout the Bible. Jesus even sang a psalm of praise for encouragement the night of His Last Supper and Betrayal. So you will find hymns to God suitable for any occasion.

We hope you find the music we select uplifting, inspiring and helpful in your walk with God.

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