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The Genesis of Jesus

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How did Jesus become "Jesus Christ"? What's the story behind his "genesis" and his fame? And what's the truth about his origins? Explore these questions and more in a 10-lesson course taking you through the first sections of the Gospel According to Matthew - a breathtaking and mind-blowing narrative about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. We dive deep into the history and text of Matthew's Gospel in live-recorded sermons that explore the character, application and narrative thrust of Matthew's writing. In the process, we learn about some of the myths and misunderstandings around these texts to see how Matthew intended for us to see the real Jesus, the nature of His mission and the importance of Jesus Christ not only to the first century people of Judah and surrounding regions, but to the world. Yes, we believe in Jesus Christ. But even if you don't believe in Him, if you are prepared to take an honest look at this narrative as it was written - not as portrayed so wrongly by popular media and even popular Christianity - you'll be learning honestly about the true origins of the most important and well-known figure on the planet. And, if you are already a believer, you are in for a real treat that will open your eyes again to the origins of this Jesus who walked and worked on this earth. There are 10 weekly lessons with introductions, video messages and reflections for your learning and growth.

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