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Already, The Axe Is Laid to the Root! - John The Baptist, Part III - premiering Saturday at 10 am

Axes, stones and threshing floors. What do they have to do with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God? And why did John preach on these when speaking of repentance and baptism?

Join us as we explore the application of these Scriptures then and now. Peter also details how you can remember the fuller details of what baptism encompasses.

View "Already, The Axe Is Laid To The Root!", an exposition of Matthew 3:5-12.

This next sermon in our Matthew series premieres this Saturday, March 18 at 10 am, on the website.

You can also subscribe via our YouTube channel if you wish to view directly there. The new channel handle is

We invite you to share the messages with as broad an audience as possible, as we proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and faithfully witness to the Word of God.

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