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Blessings For Daily Life

Everyone wants to be "blessed" and happy. For some people, it is the driving force of their daily activity. They shower themselves with treats and retreats, mindfulness sessions and so on, in order to achieve that state. And in our fractured world, people end up doing even more harm to themselves through mind-and-body altering substances and procedures in order to achieve happiness.

Jesus, however, pointed the path to true happiness in His Sermon on the Mount. In fact, his list of "Beatitudes" are literally a list of "Blessings" - what will make you happy - in this life. And more importantly, Jesus pointed to blessings that are not just temporal but eternal - they will be there in this life and the next.

The Beatitudes - "Beautiful attitudes" - behind these blessings are the opposite of our world around us teaches, but are indeed the more effective and enduring. And they are the qualities, the characteristics, that God provides to the followers of Jesus through His Grace and the mysterious union with God's own Spirit.

If you want the true Blessings that last, we encourage you to watch our preaching series on the Beatitudes. They will provide insight and opportunity for you to reflect on the deeper meaning of Christ's teaching.

You will find the collection here at You can also visit the collection's playlist directly on our YouTube Channel at The Beatitudes - YouTube.

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