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From Outcast to Obscurity - How Jesus Became The Nazarene, Premiering this Saturday at 10 am

God can lead us to some strange places in life. But His purpose is always being fulfilled. Herod suffered a horrible death for his crimes, but his successor wasn't much better, so Instead of being raised in the riches and theological cesspool of Jerusalem and surrounds, Joseph was led to raise Jesus in the obscure village of Nazareth. Thus, Jesus became the Nazarene. And it meant a world of difference to all mankind.

Learn more in our next Sermon: "From Outcast to Obscurity - How Jesus Became The Nazarene", an exposition of Matthew 2:19-23.

View the next sermon in our Matthew series premiering this Saturday, 10 am, on the website.

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We invite you to share the messages with as broad an audience as possible, as we proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and faithfully witness to the Word of God.

(The video premieres on YouTube this Saturday, Feb 25, 2023 - Perth time UTC+8. Please note that most of the sermon is presented as audio only, due to technical error in the recording.)

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