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I Love An Adventure

It was an old 80s song where I grew up: "I Love An Adventure". The tune is zinging through my head right now, along with visions of the bad fashion of the times.

To most people, they don't think of Christianity as an adventure, but as a dull obligation. Yet, Jesus called His disciples to the biggest adventure they could ever experience.

"Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men!"
- Matthew 4:19

And so they did - Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John and the others to follow later.

We discussed what shape this following took and what it means for believers today in a recent sermon on these Scriptures. The relationships, the intents, the mission and nature of these events is surprising, as it is for those who come to believe in Christ today. (You can find our archived sermons here at and on our YouTube channel

But consider what happens next. That's what we'll be doing this week in our sermon on Matthew 4:23-25.

One thing that's immediately apparent; this is a grand adventure. It's like those old movies used to promote: a Biblical epic. What happened in Jesus' ministry was truly epic. What an adventure!

Follow us as we explore these Scriptures this week. Join us at our worship services, if you're local, Saturday, 13 May, starting at 10 am, Ellenbrook Christian College, 'G' block. If you're not local, you can catch the message online in a few weeks.

I promise you, if you follow Christ, you'll love the adventure!

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