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Massacre of The Innocents - Where Is God In Suffering? Premiering this Saturday at 10 am

Sometimes events that occur to us seem inexplicable. The suffering that occurs in our lives and in the world around us can be devastating. Evil King Herod inflicted enormous suffering on the people surrounding Bethlehem when he ordered the murder of every infant boy under the age of 2, after the birth of Jesus. Why did this happen? What was the signifance to Joseph and the infant Jesus? And what does this tell us about suffering in the plan and providence of God?

Learn more our next Sermon: "The Massacre of The Innocents - Where Is God In Suffering?", an exposition of Matthew 2:16-18.

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(The video premieres on YouTube this Saturday, Feb 18, 2023 - Perth time UTC+8. Please note that most of the sermon is presented as audio only, due to technical error in the recording.)

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