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True Teachers vs False Teachers

In the epistles we find out how true teachers of the Gospel respond to God, His Word AND to His people - the called-out ones who are the Church.

Distinguishing between these true teachers and the false teachers teaches us intimately how we should view the Gospel: is it there for us to derive material benefit, wealth, adulation and adoration; or for us to give to others, to render ourselves in the same sacrificial servanthood of Christ to serve in the cause of His Kingdom.

It also teaches us of God's love and the love of Christ.

In the following sermon covering 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12 we hear about the heart of Paul for the believers in Thessalonica and thereby learn of the type of love that God has for all believers - the love of a father and a mother, longing for His children to be brought before Him holy and blameless at the Coming of Jesus Christ.

Listen in this sermon we have recently posted online of the kind of love God wants reflected in His people and by all of us as we are called to serve in His name.

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