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Upcoming Worship Services for November

We invite you to attend our November Worship Services at Living Waters Church of God. Share in the Word of God, praise and the fellowship of believers, on the following dates:

  • November 11

  • November 18

  • November 25

All services are held at Ellenbrook Christian College, 'G' Block, just through the gate from the northern carpark.

This coming month we continue to hear about Christ's attitude to the law as demonstrated in his Sermon on the Mount, starting on the 11th with his teaching about murder and hatred.

What a time in the world around us to meditate on the importance of Jesus' messages!

Feel free to share this invitation with anyone who would like to attend.

We welcome all who would like to hear and participate, as we systematically treat every Word of God seriously.

Our growing family will be delighted to see you. Christianity was never to be an individual experience, but lived in the whole church establised by Jesus Christ. Join with us as we follow Him.

Refreshments are available each week after services so you can feel free to stay, talk and share.

Let us know you're coming, if you can. That way we can expect you and give you directions in case you miss the spot - it can seem a little hidden if you've not been there before - and also advise you and in the event of emergency.

Have questions or wish to meet outside of services? Please don't hesitate to contact Peter (Pastor-teacher) at, via the website, or phone 6373 9154. We're delighted to answer your questions and to meet over coffee to discuss your situation and spiritual needs or even plain logistics.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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