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What Did He Mean, "Thy Kingdom Come!"?

In the middle of His model prayer, Jesus says we should pray "Thy (Your) kingdom come!"

If you knew how things were going to turn out in advance, wouldn't you want a plan? God did know and He has always had a plan: His Kingdom.

What really is God's Kingdom? Why and when did God plan it? And why should we pray for it to come to earth? Don't the churches and doesn't the Bible teach that we all just go to heaven in the end, anyway?

And one last question: How does this affect you?

The surprising truths about God's Kingdom are the greatest news you or I can ever hear or understand. Knowing, believing and acting on the great gift of God's Kingdom - His great Plan - will totally change how you view life, the challenges and dismal failings of the world around you and how you navigate every day, every challenge and find the true purpose of your life.

Join us as we explore God's teaching about His own Kingdom straight from the Bible - without all the filters - and turn our lives from hopelessness to joy and the empowering expectation of an awesome future for all.

Services start at 10 am this week, Saturday 8 June at Ellenbrook Christian College, 'G' block. Refreshments, tea and coffee and happy conversation are available afterwards.

We'll continue on in the coming weeks as we dig deep and unearth the hidden treasures of Jesus' Model Prayer - The Lord's Prayer from Matthew 6 - and see how it can change our lives for good.

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