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A Season of the Lord's Sacrifice

Updated: Mar 20

During the upcoming weeks, we are remembering and celebrating the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ. His Death and Resurrection changed the entire trajectory of the world. It's the reason that the Cross itself became the symbol of Christianity.

At Living Waters Church of God, we celebrate this season according to the timing of the Biblical Festivals described in the Scriptures - replicating the timing that Jesus Himself experienced when He entered Jerusalem, celebrated His Passover meal with His disciples and died as the Passover lamb given for the sins of the world.

That means our celebrations do not adhere to the same timing as the majority of the Christian world (Easter-time), but we experience great blessing in having the freedom to celebrate on these dates, just as Jesus Christ and the Disciples of the early Church celebrated these dates. We get to experience and rehearse the deep symbolism of Christ's sacrifice that God built into His Biblical Festivals, all of which foreshadowed Christ and His Kingdom in beautiful richness.

You can download a pdf with the Calendar of Services and Events held by our Church during the upcoming season:

UB Brochure 2024 Living Waters Church of God Public
Download PDF • 9.54MB

As there are a few different dates and locations involved, you may find the brochure a helpful Summary.

You can also visit our Events page to find these events separately listed and register if you would like to attend.

As we commemorate the Season of Christ's Passover Sacrifice, we pray that you will become ever closer to Jesus Christ - The Saviour of the World.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life"
- John 3:16

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