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Those Who Are Little Forgiven, Little Love

A woman comes over, silently kneels beside the feet of this prestigious guest and, with her own tears raining down on his feet, which she wipes away quickly with her own hair, she then anoints and cleanses his feet with a most expensive and precious perfumed oil. Only, she is at the house of a wealthy and prominent, respectable man who knows that she is a sinful woman - a renowned prostitute.

What would you have said or done?

It's this astonishing picture that the Gospels portray of this anonymous act. In Luke 7:36-50, we read the story of this event occurring as Jesus eats a meal at the house of a local leader, a Pharisee by the name of Simon.

It makes one question: Why did she shower this lavish love on Jesus? Such humble, adoring gratitude she pours on him with her own tears and her most prized possession. Yet the respectable one - Simon, a Pharisee - didn't even bother to welcome his prestigious guest appropriately.

Watch our latest sermon upload, premiering on YouTube on May 1, to find out the impact of this story and the other anointings of Jesus, both within the life and ministry of Jesus and, as importantly, as it impacts your life today.

Whoever Is Little Forgiven, Little Loves - - available from May 1, 2024.

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