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Moses, Prayer and the Plan of Salvation

When you read about Moses' call from God in Exodus 6, what do you think of his part of the conversation? Most people usually think Moses was whiney and rebellious when answering God's call. But this doesn't give credit to someone whom the Scriptures labelled the meekest man on earth (Numbers 12:3).

In fact, Moses' responses were reasonable, given his experience and heritage. There are many things, as one of God's great servants, that we can learn from his conversations with God and from his writings about this God with whom he spoke.

There are 3 matters Moses' responses point us to:

  1. The Nature of Prayer

  2. The Purpose of God

  3. The Plan of God

Our most recent sermon shows the Biblical connection between our queries, God's purpose & Kingdom and the complete Plan of Salvation.

The connections are surprising! And the things we learn about how God's children are to relate to Him through Christ are surprising but can change our perspective on prayer.

This sermon premiered this morning on YouTube. You'll find it here at:

We hope you benefit from and share the message and the Word with others.

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