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7 Reasons NOT to Go To Church

It's common enough these days: Someone believes in God, believes in the Bible and believes that Jesus Christ is the Saviour. But they don't believe they have to go to church.

As we start the New Year in 2024, in order to support those folks we would like to share...

7 Reasons NOT to go to Church:

(Sarcasm Alert: The following 7 points may be filled with sarcasm.)

  1. I already have a place for Christian teaching - it's called YouTube. Okay, I'm not present in the Spirit with anyone else and the preacher does not know me nor can He teach to my spiritual needs and circumstances, but that's fine. This way I get to pick and choose exactly what I want to hear and God has no say through a congregation.

  2. I'm too good for Church. Really, those folks are all strange and "weak". Have you met them? Me, I'm just perfect as I am. Really. Ask anyone. Okay, don't ask them because they won't tell you I'm perfect, but trust me. I am a level above. Plus, I know more than all those plebes, anyway, and am perfectly content in my solitary completeness. I don't need redemption from anyone. Do I?

  3. I'm too bad for Church. You don't know the things I've done. God may have promised to forgive all my sins, but He couldn't have meant mine. Sure, Jesus forgave the guy who abandoned Him, cursed and claimed He'd never even known Him right before Jesus was tortured and went to the Cross. Sure, Jesus died for the sins of humanity. Sure, the purpose of the Church is to help save sinners. But that doesn't really mean me, does it?

  4. My clothes aren't good enough. I look poor or maybe I look rich. Either way, someone's going to judge me. Yes, God said entry into the Kingdom would be based on faith in Christ, but I can't clothe myself in that. I'd much rather worry about my sartorial choices.

  5. My kids are too much trouble. Jesus said, "Bring the little children to me"?? What, are you kidding?! He couldn't have meant my kids. Have you seen them? And nobody at church could ever have had energetic kids. They just wouldn't understand, because nobody on the planet has ever had children before.

  6. I have to work. 24/7. I couldn't possibly take time off work. Jesus said I should be willing to give up my life for Him and I would. And He built into the ten commandments a whole command about keeping a day for Him, as a blessing and gift and recharge and focus on the most important thing in life. But don't ask me to take out some time every week to worship Him, thank Him, learn about the Father God, hear His Word, pray to Him, have fellowship with believers, support and be supported by Christians, love other people, talk with them, teach my family and my kids, be there to support the ministry of the Gospel, ... I need to make bank, because that few hours' income will make all the difference in eternity.

  7. And No. 7, drum rolllll....... Look, I would, but you know, I had a heavy night last night and I anticipate another next week and I had a headache this morning and the other day I felt bad and needed some me time and I was just too tired to get out of bed and I got caught up scrolling through social media and I really wanted some to check out the sports and I really wanted to catch up with friends and I really wanted to do some shopping and I had some laundry to do ... and ... and ... and ... And you know, that's worth WAY more than eternal life and going before the Lord of the Universe.

Here's another one - and we're not being sarcastic here: "I've been burned at another church in the past." We empathise. Find the fellowship of the true saints, where there is love from and for the Father and for the family of God. Those churches are out there. No man or woman is an island. Jesus Christ said He would build His Church - the called-out believers who are saved together - and that His disciples were to build that Church and grow it into perfection until He comes again.

We all need to be part of the family of God throughout the week. Be part of the local church. Jesus and the disciples demonstrated and taught again and again that Christ's followers would be part of the church. Being a member of a local church is not an option for Christians, it's part of BEING a Christian.

Step out on faith. God will reward you, because He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6).

If you aren't part of a local church and are near us, then inquire with us or just come to one of our services. Here you will hear the true and honest Word of God preached. And within the fellowship of the saints you will hear, see and taste the love of God.

There are a lot more excuses we could list to not attend church. You may want to think some of those through and pray to God, asking Him what the Jesus who gave His life for you and me would think of those excuses.

- Peter McLean

At Living Waters Church of God, we aim to live and to teach genuine Christianity that takes every Word of God seriously.

Whether or not you can join us, please visit our Sermon resources, this blog or subscribe to our YouTube channel where you can hear in-depth instruction from God, as we systematically teach from the Bible.

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