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Guest Speaker April 29th

We're pleased to announce that as we celebrate the season Christ, the Passover Lamb and Unleavened Bread of God, that we will have a Guest Preacher for our last special service of the season on April 29th.

Kerry Gubb, retired Pastor, church leader and mentor, and a beloved supporter of Living Waters Church of God and the celebrations of the Festivals that Jesus Christ kept, will be speaking to us as we conclude the Crucifixion and Resurrection season.

He and his wonderful wife, Anne, will be joining us for the day. Kerry's sermons always reflect his genuine, proven heart for Jesus Christ and the complete counsel of the Word of God.

Kerry continues to serve fellowships around Australia through Bible Studies, sermons and his unwavering support.

We always feel moved, inspired and enlightened by his passion and keen insights given to Him through the Spirit. They reflect a challenging and committed walk with God that he and Anne have undertaken together in a life of service to the Gospel.

Services will be followed by a potluck lunch for everyone to joyfully celebrate before the Lord together.

Venue will be Charlottes Vineyard Community Centre in Ellenbrook.

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