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Repent! For The Kingdom of Heaven Is At Hand, Premiering this Saturday at 10 am

How would you prepare for a great ruler coming to your people? Would you put on a show of the outer trappings - ceremonies, exquisite clothing, manicured grounds, exquisite buildings and impressive personnel? God sent a hairy man in the wilderness of the Jordan river, shouting out like a trumpet, "Repent!"

What can we learn from the person and ministry of John the Baptist? And what, really, is repentance? In this message, you will learn that all Christians shouldn't focus on the outward appearance of cleanliness, but that God wants you to change your mind, change your heart and clean up your act.

Christians should be intimately familiar with and celebrate repentance - continuing to grow in repentance and receive the King of God's Kingdom into our lives.

Learn more in our next Sermon: "Repent! For The Kingdom of Heaven Is At Hand", an exposition of Matthew 3:1-6.

View the next sermon in our Matthew series premiering this Saturday, March 4 at 10 am, on the website.

You can also subscribe via our YouTube channel if you wish to view directly there. The new channel handle is

We invite you to share the messages with as broad an audience as possible, as we proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and faithfully witness to the Word of God.

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