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The Power of the Resurrection

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ declared Him to be the Son of God with power (Romans 1:4).

At our recent annual Festival held in Mandurah, we gathered with other Christians in celebration of the Resurrection past and the Resurrection and Kingdom to come. Over an 8-day period, we heard messages expounding God's Plan of Salvation, particularly as revealed in the Scriptures from 1 Thessalonians 3:11-5:28. We heard the Apostle Paul's constant reminders that the hope of the Coming of the Lord Jesus drives Christians in the here and now. It is for the hope of His Return that we endure patiently and energetically.

During this past season, over multiple special occasions, we have preached from the entire Epistle (Letter) to the Thessalonians. Written less than 20 years after Christ's Resurrection, possibly the very first written epistle we have recorded, it is awash with this hope.

As Paul ineluctably makes the case, Christians are therefore fruitful in 3 things by the Spirit of God as they remain faithful to Jesus' calling:

  • Works of Faith

  • Labour of Love

  • Endurance (Waiting) for Hope

It is the power of Christ's Resurrection and the promise of the Resurrection to come (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17) that is the Real Hope for Christians - not politics, nor power, nor myths, nor our personal beliefs and efforts - because that Hope is sure and is based on God's own promise demonstrated through His Risen Son.

These three things - faith, love and hope - weave their way through the New Testament. They are not based on empty affirmations, but on the reality of what Christ called us to - to become and be preserved righteous, blameless and holy in Him before God our Father, at His Coming.

You will find a number of these messages expounding 1 Thessalonians via our website at or our YouTube channel

Come join Living Waters Church of God at our services each 2nd, 3rd and 4th Saturday each month. We meet at Ellenbrook Christian College, with services starting at 10:00 am each time. There you will hear God's Word and worship together with fellow believers as we continue to grow in works of faith, labours of love and patient endurance of hope that God builds in the lives of those who put their trust and faith in Him and His Son Jesus Christ.

Peter McLean

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